SumUp Review – The Best Solution for Small Businesses


SumUp is an incredibly simple and effective solution for small businesses to accept card payments. Buying the card reader and paying a commission of 1.69% is a great way to quickly start a business.

The 1.69% fee, small terminals, and limited services might discourage bigger businesses. We suggest they use traditional bank monetic offers or Yavin’s terminal offer instead.

Who is SumUp’s offer suitable for?

SumUp’s offer is dedicated to three types of activity:

  • If you process less than £5,000 per month by card.
  • If you are starting your activity and you do not yet know what your collection volumes will be.
  • If you need a simple solution for collecting payments on the move.

What are the associated fees?

The terminal is much cheaper than Ingenico or Verifone terminals, which cost £300 to £500.

  • The price of the SumUp Air is £39 ; the SumUp Solo is £129.
  • SumUp regularly offers discounts on the purchase price of the reader.
  • The commission on collection is always 1.69%. No fixed fees on collection, no additional fees, or commitments exist.

SumUp One Offer

SumUp now offers a subscription-based service for more established merchants. A revolution for SumUp, which had always offered an extremely simple, non-subscription, and non-commitment offer.

  • With the One offer for £19 per month without commitment, you benefit from reduced transaction fees and other advantages:
  • Transaction fees for major consumer cards are 0.79%, compared to 1.69% for physical payments and 2.5% for online payments.
  • They transfer collections to your account within 24 business hours.
  • They offer the Solo terminal with a 50% discount.
  • You have access to an unlimited number of invoices via their dedicated tool.

How does it work?

SumUp is an easy service that helps you accept card payments from your customers without needing a contract with your bank. You register online in 5 to 10 minutes and buy the reader. Your only expense will be a commission of 1.69% on each transaction. No monthly fees or minimum transaction volume requirements, and no commitments exist.

SumUp offers 2 payment terminals for purchase:

  • The Sumup Air terminal interfaces with the SumUp mobile app via Bluetooth. Price: £39.
  • The standalone Sumup Solo terminal allows you to make collections without using the mobile app. Price: £129.

SumUp has stopped marketing the SumUp 3G in the UK since the beginning of 2023. SumUp is gradually withdrawing it from all countries where it offers its services. The SumUp Solo replaces it.

SumUp readers accept all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and more. They also accept Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay.

Enable chip card transactions (PIN and/or signature) and contactless payment.

The SumUp solution is highly comparable to those of Square, Zettle, or Smile&Pay.

What is the commission rate on services?

SumUp charges a flat rate of 1.69% per transaction for processing credit cards. This rate is similar to its competitor Square. SumUp does not charge any extra fees.

Sumup also offers remote payment via a virtual terminal at the price of 2.95% + £0.25 per transaction.

The virtual terminal for phone payment is not available automatically when creating an account. You will need to contact customer service beforehand to answer some questions about your activity and payment habits. SumUp will review your account information and, if suitable, authorize the creation of the virtual terminal.

This functionality is not available immediately. To use the Virtual Terminal, log in, go to Support, and send a message to the team.

In Brief

SumUp is a low-cost solution highly comparable to what Square and Zettle offer. Suitable for entrepreneurs processing less than £5,000 in monthly collections and looking for a simple solution.

For bigger volumes, it’s better to use a traditional bank or the Yavin offer for your monetary needs.

Characteristics of the Air Reader

The SumUp Air is compatible with most Android tablets and smartphones using a version later than Android 4.4. iPhone 4S and newer, along with iPads, work if they have iOS 8.0 or higher downloaded. You will also need Bluetooth 4.0 to interface your mobile with the card reader.

The Air reader comes with a micro USB cable that you can use to charge it by plugging into the mains or a computer. Once fully charged, it can perform approximately 500 transactions. Businesses that don’t move around much can choose the SumUp charging station. It keeps the Air reader charged and looks good on a counter.

The reader itself has a stylized appearance with a glass surface and a plastic base that is pleasant to hold. It is good for security that no one can tamper with it from the outside. However, you should keep it away from strong magnetic fields or it may stop working permanently. This is also true for Square and Zettle and it follows the PCI-DSS security standards.

Connecting several SumUp Air readers to your main bank account is possible. The SumUp app can only connect to compatible receipt printers, not cash drawers, barcode scanners, or other POS equipment.

How does the SumUp Air work?

To pay, open the app and see the list of products. You can enter the amount in euros manually if you set up the cash register. Once you indicate the amount, you can add a description of the purchased item/service. You can manually enter multiple amounts if you wish to list all the purchases.

You start the payment by clicking on “Charge”. If you have authorized cash payments on your SumUp account, you can indicate the amounts paid in this way.

If you choose to pay with a card, the card reader will receive the amount. The reader’s screen will light up and prompt you to insert your card if it is connected and close by. (or bring it closer for contactless payment)

Once you make the payment, you can send the receipt to the customer by email or SMS. You can connect the phone to a wireless printer and print a paper receipt.

SumUp will transfer your money, after deducting a 1.69% fee, to your bank account in 2-3 business days. You can also receive payments on a weekly or monthly basis.

sumup air dock

Characteristics of the Solo Reader

If you don’t want to use a mobile app to accept payments, the new SumUp Solo terminal is a good option.

The Solo model has a SIM card with unlimited data. Therefore, you don’t need to connect a phone to handle card payments. This is a better option for people who don’t want to use the SumUp app as a cash register. They prefer one portable device for all card payments.

The applied rate is the same as with the Air reader: 1.69% per transaction, but the initial purchase cost is higher: £129 excl. VAT. Like with Air, there are no additional costs, and the quality of the hardware is the same.

Sumup offers the SIM card “package”. You will not incur any additional fees.

SumUp Solo comes with a charging base but does not include a printer. The reader is the size of the SumUp Air, and the entire screen is touch-sensitive. You can use it independently of the charging base and the SumUp application. Its design is extremely neat, and its use simplified.

Select this reader if you want a separate device for charging customers, without needing to use your smartphone. Note: If needed, you can also take the base with a printer to print receipts for your customers.

About the SumUp 3G:

SumUp has stopped marketing the SumUp 3G in the UK since the beginning of 2023. SumUp is gradually withdrawing it from all countries where it offers its services. The SumUp Solo replaces it.

What are the features ?

The SumUp application is essential for users of the SumUp Air. To initiate a payment, the user must connect the Air reader to a smartphone. The application allows owners of the solo reader to manage the monitoring of their activity from the app.

SumUp app simplifies payment receipt by accepting both card and cash payments. However, users needing a real cash register software with many features will likely find the options too limited.

Payment Options

The application accepts cards via the SumUp Air reader and cash. However, you cannot enter card details or use vouchers, checks, gift cards, or any other uncommon payment methods.

Examples of these uncommon payment methods include Alipay, WeChat, and Bitcoin. It is also possible to add tips or accept partial payments, either by card or in cash. If you have chosen this option in your settings, the receipt can display VAT.

After each transaction, you can choose to send the receipt by email or SMS or print a paper version. A practical option is the receipt sharing, which allows you to have a copy of the receipt on a device.

Tap to Pay

SumUp now offers the option to use the SumUp application and your smartphone directly to charge customers. You no longer necessarily need a bank card reader. In the app, you enter the amount to collect and choose “Tap to pay” as the payment method. Your customer will then only need to place their card on your smartphone to pay.

Item Management

You can predefine your items, if necessary, by completing with an image, in several versions and/or prices. The things you added will show in the menu.

Just click to add them to the cart. You can create groups such as “Hot Drinks” or “Food.” These groups will appear as separate tabs on the screen, making navigation easier. However, SumUp does not support inventory tracking, and it limits the number of different versions to 2 per item.

Online Shop with E-shop Service

If you have added your items, you can create an online store from your smartphone application in a few clicks with all your products. The solution is very simple and quick to implement.

Seller Accounts

SumUp gives the possibility to create an account for each member of your team. You can limit the employee’s access to transactions and refunds based on their authorization and visibility. It is then possible to classify transactions by user to follow the sales made by each one.

Reports and Statistics

The application’s dashboard presents a summary of the main sales information in a time interval of your choice. For your accounting needs, you can export the sales history for a particular day, week, or month in CSV file format. They email payment reports to you when you finalize a sale.


SumUp allows the total or partial refund of the amount of a transaction via the originally chosen payment method. If the customer pays by card, they will make the refund on this card. Refunds are possible only if there is enough money in your bank account and pending payment orders.

Receipt Printers

Air reader users can get paper receipts by purchasing compatible receipt printers for an extra fee. The different options indicated by SumUp are essentially mobile.

SumUp offers a printer directly from your online space. The cost is £249 with its charger and belt clip.


You can create and send professional invoices via the SumUp application. From your smartphone or computer, go to the Invoice tab of your application. The feature is free and unlimited. If your customer pays the invoice via the online payment link, they only take a 2.50% commission.

SumUp Card

SumUp provides a Mastercard payment card to quickly receive funds earned through the terminal, directly on the card. Funds are available the day after collection versus 2 to 3 days delay to another account. The card is free, but they charge 2% of the amount for withdrawals beyond 3.

Gift Cards

You can offer gift cards to your customers thanks to SumUp. This feature allows you to retain your customers, make gift cards, and perhaps even improve your cash flow. The gift cards are customizable (amounts and design) and shareable by link.

Who can register on SumUp?

SumUp caters to small businesses and individuals who desire a straightforward card reader without unnecessary extras. The SumUp cash register software, while existing, will never replace a complete software.

SumUp is for individuals and small businesses, not for charities or political groups.

The signing company can only use bank accounts registered in its name.

SumUp does not allow adult entertainment, door-to-door sales, or unlicensed consulting.

Your SumUp terminal can follow you abroad, for example, during fairs. However, you must inform customer service. SumUp offers its services in most European countries, the United States, Brazil, and Chile.

Customer Service and User Support

The support section of SumUp’s website can answer most user questions. To contact customer service, you can email or call the dedicated phone number for registered clients.

Support is open during the week from 9 am to 8 pm and on Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm.

What steps do I need to take to start?

If you choose SumUp, registering is simple. However, you’ll need to wait a week for the reader to arrive. Once it arrives, you can start accepting payments.

They will check your business details to quickly accept you. However, you need to ensure that your business is not on the ‘prohibited businesses’ list. Additionally, you should use your bank account solely for your work.

During registration, you can order your SumUp Air or SumUp Solo reader. You will receive your bank card reader within five business days.

While waiting for your reader, you can download the free SumUp app on your iOS or Android device. You can access the app with an internet connection (WiFi, 3G, or 4G). Once downloaded, you can start adding items to your product list.

Once you have your card reader, turn it on. Then, enable Bluetooth on your phone or tablet. Finally, go to the app’s ‘payment methods’ section to set up the reader. A few clicks are all it takes to get it done.

The card reader will automatically turn on when it is near the device with the SumUp app open. You need to select ‘card payment’ at checkout. From here everything happens very intuitively and automatically. Just ensure that you charge your card reader when you need it.

What is our opinion on SumUp?

It’s the ideal solution for small merchants.

SumUp is a simple and effective solution for accepting cards.

This solution is suitable for merchants who collect small amounts of money, specifically less than £5000 per month. It helps people who only need to gather money at certain times, like for events or groups.

However, the solution is not suitable for larger merchants.

The 1.69% commission is expensive compared to what banks or new players like Yavin can offer. If your collection volumes exceed £5000, we advise you to turn to your bank. The difference in commission will largely offset the fixed fees charged by your bank.

Calculation of monthly costs for a monthly CB collection of £10000

►SumUp (commission 1.69%)

100001.69%= £169

►Traditional bank or experts like Yavin (commission 0.69%)


►A saving of £100 / month…

What do users think of SumUp?

We have looked at the ratings and reviews left by customers respectively on Trustpilot and the Apple Store.

SumUp Reviews on Trustpilot

The average rating is 3.2 out of 5.

The reviews are mainly about the brand’s readers.

The ‘good’ reviews on SumUp (ratings between 3 and 5 out of 5) highlight

  • The small SumUp Air reader for its quality, robustness, ease of use, and battery life
  • The Solo reader is easy to use. It comes with a SIM card. The SIM card works with multiple operators. There is no extra cost for the SIM card.
  • The possibility to send tickets by SMS and email to the customer

“3 years using the small box,

Top autonomy, 1 charge per month

Easy to use, solid.

They accept all cards, including contactless.

Technical service quick response.

I recommend, well done” Greg

The ‘bad’ reviews on SumUp (ratings between 1 and 2 out of 5) highlight

  • The fact that the ‘payment link’ feature is not directly accessible but requires validation from customer service
  • The low battery life (3-4h) of the SumUp Solo reader

“Hello, bought the sumup solo, noticed battery life of 3-4h max even without using it. A shame!!!nothing to do with sumup’s announcement at purchase.after several calls to customer service and several emails to technical service they told me to wait for the’s already 2 updates and still the same problem […]” Julien Forestier

SumUp Reviews on Apple Store

The average rating is 3.8 out of 5.

The reviews here are more about the app and its features.

The ‘good’ reviews on SumUp (ratings between 3 and 5 out of 5) highlight

  • The ease of installation and use of the mobile app
  • The simplicity and speed of card processing via the reader and app
  • The very low investment (39€ for the reader + free app) and no subscription to process the card

“Being a professional photographer, a payment terminal would have been a plus for my business! Since I discovered SumUp my services have changed! No more invalid checks, not much cash on me, just a card reader and my iPad! Thanks SumUp 😍”

The ‘bad’ reviews on SumUp (ratings between 1 and 2 out of 5) highlight

  • the absence of an installment payment feature
  • the absence of a discount feature (in euros or percentage)
  • the inability to process Restaurant Ticket cards

“The system is very practical but some features are missing. I would like to be able to apply a discount in euros or percentage before payment. Also, split the payment between cash and bank card. […]”

In bonus: All your questions and our answers (FAQ)?

We have reposted all the questions you have asked us about the offer, whether on YouTube, on our site, or on social networks. We answer all your questions about SumUp (see the exhaustive list below 👇👇)

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