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Sumup POS Pro

SumUp, beyond processing payments with card readers, offers a wide range of services for small businesses. The company has notably developed a touch screen cash register software: the SumUp Point of Sale cash register.

SumUp is a great payment solution for small businesses. Their cash register software helps merchants manage their inventory, sales, and catalog all in one place. SumUp goes beyond just processing payments and supports small companies with their point of sale needs.

But, how does it work? What is the price of this cash register software?

Is it worth it? This article summarizes everything you need to know about the SumUp Cash Register! For more information on SumUp card readers, discover our complete test: Review on SumUp.

Overview of SumUp Cash Registers

All kinds of merchants can use SumUp. SumUp offers a complete cash register kit. It includes an iPad, receipt printer, cash drawer, SumUp Air card reader, and Point of Sale software.

SumUp offers 2 point of sale solutions to its customers.

  • 1 FREE application available directly on the Apple Store and Play Store. This cash register solution is available from the SumUp app. It is a generalist cash register solution that will suit merchants with simple needs.
  • 1 PAID software dedicated to restaurants and retail stores, available only upon request starting from £29/month.

A Closer Look at the Free SumUp POS system

The SumUp mobile app is easy to use for all. It helps small merchants with a touch screen cash register tool.

The SumUp cash register app helps you manage your sales, inventory, and catalog. It does more than just process payments, offering many features to support your daily point of sale operations.

Organize Items

With the free SumUp cash register, you can register items, customize them, and organize them into categories. You can add names, descriptions, images, VAT rates, and prices to your items.

For this, you just need to activate the “Display items at checkout” feature on your profile page.

Manage Your Inventory

The SumUp cash register has a feature for managing inventory. It helps you keep track of your stock levels in an automated way, alongside item catalogs.

For this, you just need to activate the “Track inventory” feature for each product entered into your catalog.


Once you register all your products, it’s time to process payments! SumUp designed the cash register to facilitate the sales process.

To sell something, pick what you want and then click “Invoice”.

You can choose different payment methods:

  • Payment terminal
  • Payment links
  • Cash
  • QR code

You can print the receipt if you connect a Bluetooth printer or send it by email or SMS to the customer.

The entire catalog is available both on the mobile app and on SumUp’s online space.

A Closer Look at the Paid SumUp POS Pro system

SumUp has a new solution called SumUp POS pro. Acquiring Goodtill, a company that created cash register software for restaurants, made this possible.

So, if you are a restaurateur, the SumUp POS pro cash register solution might be for you!

SumUp POS Goodtill

Manage Your Restaurant’s Life

SumUp’s cash register solution includes features for taking orders, organizing tables, creating menus, and managing stock in restaurants.

Track Your Performance and That of Your Staff

Thanks to the SumUp POS Pro dashboard, you can track your performance and that of your staff in real time.

At the end of the day, you can review key performance indicators such as top sales, hours worked, and employee revenue. This will help you enhance your sales strategies.

Loyalize Your Customers

SumUp POS Pro system takes cash, debit cards, and gift vouchers. You can customize receipts and split the bill. There are even more features available!

It lets you make customer profiles and loyalty programs, plus gift cards, to boost customer loyalty.

Review of the Free SumUp POS

The Free SumUp POS System seems very relevant for small merchants. Free, simple, and effective, it will allow you to easily manage your activity.

SumUp is thus THE reference solution for small businesses. Being able to associate your cash register software with your payment processing solution is obviously an advantage.

The app will indeed suit a majority of small merchants and is really a very good product.

Our Tip: You can test the app for free without having to order your SumUp reader. This will allow you to complete your catalog and verify that the App meets your needs. Once you validate it, you order your card readers to associate them with your cash register app.

The Positives of the FREE SumUp POS

An ergonomic application

SumUp simplified the free App to facilitate the sales process for small merchants. And it’s a success! The app is very easy to use and its features are basic, but amply sufficient to meet the needs of small merchants.

The possibility of cashing in without a subscription

If you don’t need more features than those offered by the free app, then the SumUp solution is for you!

E-commerce management

Some merchants who do business online will find it useful to be able to send payment links to customers.

Review of the Paid SumUp POS Pro

We are more reserved about the relevance of the SumUp POS Pro App for restaurants. If the cash register software is good and complete, SumUp readers may not be the best choice for established restaurants. Established restaurants may not benefit from using SumUp readers if their cash register software is already effective.

SumUp still lacks a few important elements to make its readers suited for restaurants.

Nevertheless, the Goodtill software is of good quality. Quite comparable with other specialists in the sector such as LightSpeed.

Do not hesitate to ask for a demonstration from one of their advisors. If you like SumUp POS Pro App, think about using it with another payment reader for a full solution.

To Recap

Many users already love SumUp’s renowned mobile card readers.

SumUp made a new cash register system for businesses to manage sales, inventory, and payments in one spot.

Our view: the free option is great for small businesses with low transaction volumes (easy to use, affordable). But if you need a more advanced solution such as the paid POS Pro think to ask a demonstration first.

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